Victory For Sliema Residents As Skyscraper Plans Forced Back To The Drawing Board

Developers behind proposed 38-storey Townsquare must redesign their plans


The proposed Townsquare tower at Qui Si Sana

Developers behind the proposed Townsquare skyscraper in Qui Si Sana must redesign their plans after the Planning Authority’s tribunal board warned the original plans infringed planning policies and lacked adequate social impact assessments. 

The Planning Authority had in 2016 approved plans for the skyscraper, which at 38 storeys would become the largest building in Malta. The Sliema local council, the Environment and Resources Authority and Din l-Art Helwa all filed appeals against the project, warning it will negatively impact Sliema residents, will clog the streets with even more traffic and will uglify the views. 

Despite the ongoing appeal, the Townsquare Sliema development consortium has already started excavation works, causing a nuisance to residents. 

Sliema councillor Michael Briguglio, one of the foremost critics of the proposed skyscraper, claimed victory in the wake of the tribunal’s decision today. 

He also pledged to request a proper evaluation of another proposed skyscraper in Qui Si Sana - a 40-story behemoth on Fort Cambridge. 

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