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Wanted Man Chased Over Rooftops And Arrested By Maltese Police

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A man accused of partially blinding guitarist Ryan Magro in an unprovoked bar attack was arrested by the police after a full-on rooftop chase, according to Net News

The chase is reported to have taken place late last night in Qawra, five days after the Serbian man allegedly smashed a glass into Magro’s face at his family’s Bugibba bar, Munchies. Magro was left partially blind after the attack which seemed to have started after one of the Serbian man’s friends was asked to leave the establishment. 

Magro’s family launched a nationwide appeal after the attack to track down the aggressor, using clips from CCTV footage to make sure he is identified. The police eventually tracked the man down at an Qawra apartment where he was staying with a couple of friends. The men fled through the roof and were chased down by five police  officers.

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