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WATCH: Archbishop Urges Malta To Come Together After Caruana Galizia Assassination

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As the political fallout of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination continues gathering steam, Archbishop Charles Scicluna urged the Maltese public to put their differences behind them and work for the common good.

Scicluna this afternoon held a mass at the small church in Caruana Galizia’s hometown of Bidnija, exactly one week to the day that the journalist got assassinated in a car bomb outside her house.

“We must not be afraid and lose heart but rather look out for each other and strive to create a culture in which we work for the common good and not our personal interests,” he said. “You might say I am dreaming, and I will not tell you to let me dream but to join me in my dream so that it can become reality. If we only think about ourselves and then we’ll end up destroying each other.”


“Let’s work together towards a culture of righteousness, solidarity and honesty, because that is the true culture of life that makes us human beings.”

Scicluna tried to assure the large crowds that Caruana Galizia’s killer will face justice in the afterlife, even if he manages to escape the Maltese justice system.

“What did the killer get out of the assassination? Can he sleep with a clean conscience, after he took a mother, wife and daughter away from a family, denied the country of a journalist and filled us all with sadness? What sort of self-dignity does he have when he looks at himself in the mirror?”

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