5 Maltese Schools That Have Shown Everyone How Teaching Should Be Done

It's more than just classrooms and books

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So many teachers go out of their way to make sure their kids have the best experience possible in school, both inside and outside the class. But these five schools have taught their kids some awesome lessons, and the students had fun the whole way through, and they all happened this month.

1. Cleanup with Żibel for outdoor classroom day

San Anton School

Teaming up with the great team at żibel, San Anton School's grade three took the kids on an outdoor adventure with a difference - they left the beach a whole lot cleaner than they found it.

2. A whole week dedicated to reading

St. Joseph Sliema

From painting their own adorable tshirts of The Lorax to the President of Malta reading to the kids, this school took a week dedicated to encourage more kids to read to new levels.

3. Breaking the most adorable world record

St. Catherine's School

Rallying 938 people to get their craft on, this school broke the world record for the largest number of people dressed up as sunflowers. Students and parents donned the costume to honour their late headmistress, Marie Midolo.

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4. The cutest work placement ever

St. Paul's Bay Primary School

Air Malta's staff headed down to this primary school to give the kids a taste of what it's like to work with their staff. From captain's speeches to passport checks, these children had a great time and learnt everything they could ever hope to know about travelling. 

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5. A relay race with a difference

St. Michael's Foundation

With the help of Inspire, this school made their sports day stand out from the rest as students took part in a wheelchair race, to help them better understand what life is like for their friends whose condition requires the use of a wheelchair. It's also a good way to make the whole event a lot more inclusive.

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