A Maltese NGO Is Helping Create Computer Labs In Kenya, Romania And Lebanon

Teaching IT Literacy To Everyone


Agara, a Maltese NGO that draws it's name from the Amgaric word for walking together has just expanded it's operations to Lebanon, where they will be helping set up a computer lab composed of between fifteen and twenty laptops. The Agara team will also be holding computer literacy and Microsoft Office courses in Lebanon over a two week period.

The NGO already has two years of experience setting up computer labs: in 2015 together with the Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus opened in Nguluni, Ethiopia and in 2016 they helped over 9,000 asylum seekers learn crucial IT skills.


IT lesson in Calais

The NGO says that it envisions "a global community in which every individual is an equal partner in its development." It "seeks to invest in relationships within communities and, above all, empower their individuals by coming together to cultivate a sense of growth, self-reliance, collaboration and continuity through supporting and establishing projects across the world."


Members of the agara team who went to Calais and Dunkirk for two weeks.

Above all, Agara is "driven by the belief that human rights are inalienable and fundamental to each and every individual’s inherent dignity, and aims to promote them through awareness-raising projects."

Despite not having any full time workers, Agara draws up on a growing number of volunteers.

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