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After 12 Long Years, Chef Daniel Grech Reunites With His Mother On Christmas Day

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One of Malta’s most prominent chefs and the man behind many over-the-top foodie creations got a gift he truly wasn’t expecting this Christmas – his long-lost mother.

Daniel Grech hadn’t been in contact with his mother for 12 years, with a grudge having formed between them in that time. However, the two finally decided to let bygones be bygones, and spent the Christmas holidays together, uploading a cute picture together on the big day.

“It’s really great to have my mum back,” Grech told Lovin Malta shortly after being reunited.

“At first, I admit I didn’t want to accept it because I was full of anger and hate,” he explains. “But then I realised I couldn’t go on like this. I had to forgive, move on and enjoy my mother once again and try to get back all that time we’ve wasted.”

“It still feels weird now when she gets mad at me!”

Over the moon that he was reunited with her, he took to social media to share the good news, and people were happy to see one of their favourite chefs enjoy such a special Christmas gift.

“I’m truly amazed at all the amazing comments people left me,” Grech said. “They really touched my heart at how many people wished me and my mum well. Even people who hadn’t spoken to me in a while commented. It really meant a lot to us.”

Grech shot to prominence over the last few years as he collaborated with a number of cool restaurants and eateries before opening up his own series of restaurants. Most of his time is now taken up running the popular Burgers.Ink restaurants in Valletta and Paceville.

Grech is known to have had a tough childhood, which is one of the main reasons he became so engrossed in cooking at such a young age, having started making his way up the culinary ladder back when he was 16 and first started whipping up tasty treats in the kitchen – and he’s been on the rise ever since.

Spending quality time with your loved ones during Christmastime, especially if something awful happened between you in the past, is one of the most important things – and on that note, we couldn’t be happier for Daniel and his mother!

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