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After Losing Weight And Turning Her Life Around, This Maltese Woman Isn’t Going Back

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Waking up early in the dead of winter to go running in the cold darkness was never going to be easy or fun – but for Mandy Muscat, the alternative, living as an overweight person, had become too much to bear.

“When I wake up, especially in winter, and hear the wind blowing, and I know I have to change into my gym clothes, I go ‘ahhh’,” Mandy laughs, “but it’s definitely worth it.”

When Mandy hit 100kg in 2016, she knew she had to do something about her weight – but she wasn’t the type of person who naturally exercises

At first, she found it hard to break the routine she was in and begin adding weight-loss sessions into her week.

“There were days when I would cancel my sessions, but now I understand my body better,” she said confidently. “When I actually do need to rest… I accept it and cancel. But when I realise it’s just the tiny red devil on my shoulder I fight against it and just get ready and go.”
Mandy Muscat and some of her fellow athletes

Mandy Muscat and some of her fellow athletes

Mandy believed she would always be “the fat girl”, no matter what

“This was my decision from the start – I wanted to change so I decided to change,” she said.
“No one ever picked on me because of my weight, I was always joking about it and I was genuinely happy… until something clicked in my head and I knew I needed a change.”

“I never believed it would be possible. Honestly. I just got used to how I look and believed that I was born like that and I can never not be ‘the fat girl’,” she continued. “But it happened!”

Many tries to lead an active lifestyle

Many tries to lead an active lifestyle

Change came slowly…

“The first thing I did was go to a nutritionist,” Mandy says of the beginning of her journey in 2016. “Then I started including training, once, twice, or three times a week and now I actually love it!”

Between Paleo, Keto, Atkins, low-carb and a ton of other diets, people who want to lose weight might not be too sure where to begin – which is why it’s so important to start off with the right assistance from experts.

She crafted a plan that would ensure that the changes she was working towards were as permanent as they could be, and would ensure she doesn’t just end up putting the weight back on or begin yo-yo dieting.

“If you have the right guidance and you do it the right way, you will start seeing results. A lot of people lose the same amount of weight that I had lost in less time – but I wanted to do it the proper way. I lost weight without any need for surgeries. It gives me that extra boost, even mentally,” she said.

Her training regimen is geared to get results

“I used to do absolutely no training,” Mandy lamented. “Nowadays, I train nearly every day. I try to leave one day as a rest day, normally Fridays, but of course, it depends on my schedule. Now, I genuinely love training.”
And she means it – along with her personal trainer, Mandy has crafted a regime that mixes cardio, strength work and weight training with various other exercises to keep challenging her body to become better and stronger.
Cancelling a session has become something Mandy avoids as much as possible

Cancelling a session has become something Mandy avoids as much as possible

She’s working towards a specific goal – getting her weight into the 60s region

“I would be happy with 65/67kg,” she smiles,” but it’s not just about the scales.”

“My ultimate goal is to get leaner and stronger. I am trying to push myself to do more strength training, and I’m planning to do The Grid in October. Plus it’s good to have something to look forward to, to keep me motivated… the weight goal would just be a bonus. As long as I look at myself and feel comfortable, and feel strong and happy, I don’t care what number my scales show.”

Mandy has some advice for anyone who thinks they can never lose weight

“Set small reachable goals,” she says. “First, my goal was to change my three-digit number to two digits. Then, it was to move from the 90s to 80s. It took me time, a lot more than it may take other people, but I would not change a thing!”

“It may sound cliche, but I have turned into a different person,” Mandy says. “And funnily enough, I appreciate food much more, and I appreciate the fact that I am healthy and I am actually capable of physically doing this.

And she wants to make it a point to post publicly about her inspiring journey to lose weight, as a reminder to herself of just how far she’s come.

“I honestly didn’t think I would be sharing a lot of my journey with people, I can’t actually believe it… I started sharing stuff more as self-motivation. In fact, I upload most of my photos when I feel like I’m lacking motivation or getting slightly off track.”

“I continuously remind myself – I do not want to go back!”

“I post other pictures when I feel proud of my achievements; to inspire someone, anyone, means a lot honestly, because I remember where I started from, and how it was a constant battle in reality,” she ended.

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