Woman's Extravagant Lifestyle Finally Catches Up With Her As Court Orders Her To Pay €80k

A wolf in designer clothing?


A woman of Croation nationality, Anika De Vilera – currently residing in Malta – has been ordered by local courts to pay €80,067 to an acquaintance who lent her the money. The judge presiding over De Vilera's case said that she will need to uphold the debts she owes despite her appeals against a garnishee order. 

The judge said that creditors should not be prejudiced because of the extravagant lifestyle De Vilena has chosen to lead, and that she would have to comply with the garnishee order that had been issued against her. 


This isn't the first look into De Vilera's alleged conning behaviour. A website called simply anikadevilera.com already existed before the court's ruling became public. It provides a comprehensive account of her apparently fraudulent history – including details from a psychiatric examination.

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The website spares no detail, giving information on her identity, whereabouts, family ties and even psychiatric history. It provides a thorough timeline of her activity, with details of fake Facebook posts and statuses which speak to her deceptive nature. 

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Many of the examples on the website allude to her falsifying a life of glamour and wealth – using images of holidays she seemingly never took herself, luxurious furniture which was allegedly unpaid for, and snapshots of her on a yacht which was apparently chartered from one of the Maltese companies she defrauded. 

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