Bjorn Formosa Calls Out The 'Great Paradox Of This Country'

'I know what it means being terminally ill'


Bjorn Formosa, the Maltese humanitarian champion and ALS activist who has raised awareness about his degenerative disease as well as many others, has publicly questioned the treatment of imprisoned renal failure sufferer Christopher Bartolo.

In a Facebook post, Bjorn uses common sense reasoning to weigh Christopher Bartolo's case, coming to a clear conclusion: "Charity is not only about donating money but also about being HUMANE!"

Formosa is known for speaking out when he sees issues in Maltese society related to health, which is part of what drove him to set up the ALS House in Malta. 

The activist commented on the fact that Malta was locking up Maltese citizens for using medicinal cannabis at the same time that they are inviting foreign companies to Malta to produce medicinal cannabis: "at the same time that multinational companies are coming to Malta, selling the same drug, this guy languishes in prison awaiting his faith after also being unjustly interrogated without a lawyer," he said.

Saying that he knows "what it means being terminally ill," he continued on by pointing out that Christopher Bartolo's lawyers weren't asking for a pardon, "but only for bail."

He ended by calling on the authorities to "do the most rational thing."

More and more people are calling out the injustices surrounding the possibly invalid imprisonment of Christopher Bartolo, the man with no kidneys imprisoned after being charged as a trafficker of cannabis.

The list includes members of the Opposition such as Jason Azzopardi as well as Adrian Delia, the leader of the Opposition.

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