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Read Bjorn Formosa’s Heartbreakingly Powerful New Year’s Message

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Malta’s foremost ALS activist Bjorn Formosa has posted a tough New Year’s message where he details the latest stages of his deteriorating condition. Admitting that ‘only a miracle’ will help him now, Bjorn’s message carries his usual brand of real-talk combined with an inspiring message and hope for the future of his work.

Here’s the transcript:

This won’t be the traditional Happy New Year! 
It’s been one busy year but 2018 is not looking that great! 

My condition continued progressing relentlessly. I am using a breathing machine 20 hours a day, I am bleeding from my nose, my body is literally falling apart. ALS is a though bi**h that only going through it one can really understand what this is all about! 

I am tired of saluting everyday newly acquired friends that loose their battle to ALS. The next one out will probably be me. My body is too destroyed for any treatment to have effect. Only a miracle will do the job, but I guess they’re not that common these days. 

We will however continue working until we receive the call from beyond. 2018 won’t probably be my lucky year but I wish a great one for you. I wish all of you a healthy life because that’s what really matters after all. Hope you can find your happiness and always try to help someone out! 

“Only a miracle will do the job, but I guess they’re not that common these days”

I tried doing my best these past couple of years, I hope that I managed to be of help to someone of you. Sure thing is that I gave it my all. I now leave it to you! My end is near, please make sure that my departure won’t be the finish line but only the continuation of something big that we started all together. We showed great solidarity to create something unique and give a possibility to those who didn’t have one 

These past days were not easy for me. You see death coming for you! I felt helpless and desperate, I am human after all. However now I must get up again for one final battle and continue what we started before. We will never give up and battle it till the end. I still have one hope that I defy the odds and be here next year to wish you a Happy New Year! 


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Bjorn has been an activist working to raise funds for ALS since being diagnosed with the illness a few years ago. He recently opened the doors to Dar Bjorn, a project he had tirelessly worked to raise funds for. 

The new space, located on Qormi’s Triq il-Kbira, will provide a home for people suffering from ALS, MS and other neurological conditions.

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