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Bjorn Formosa’s ALS House To Open Next Month

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A specialised house for neurological patients is set to open next month, renowned Maltese ALS patient Bjorn Formosa has revealed. 

Formosa, a 31-year-old ALS patient, stole the hearts of the Maltese nation in 2015 when he was diagnosed with the degenerative illness and decided to spend the last years of his life raising awareness about his condition.

In a heartwarming moment, he married his sweetheart and long-time ALS awareness supporter Maria Muscat, and the two donated all their wedding gifts to the foundation they set up to raise funds and awareness for ALS. 

In March, he managed to raise €900,000 during a fundraising telethon on Xarabank to fulfil his dream of building a home specially equipped for people living with ALS, MS and other neurological patients. 

During the show, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced the government would be footing the bill for all the services required in the new home, describing it as its duty. 

Formosa took to Facebook yesterday night to announce the home will be opening in a month’s time, after his foundation ALS Malta reached a deal with the government.

“We are so excited! We have finally reached a deal! We also got the ALS Home! We are opening in a month’s time! All ALS, MS and other neurological patients get in touch. This is your opportunity for a better quality of life!”

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