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Colleagues Of German Motorcyclist Who Died In Tragic Xemxija Accident Come Together To Cover Repatriation’s ‘Heavy Cost’

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Monday 7th September ended tragically for 46-year-old Ralf, a German man living in Malta who was involved in a Xemxija accident that claimed his life. Now, his former colleagues and “second family” in Malta have come together to help cover the heavy cost of bringing him back to his family over 2,000 kilometres away.

“A beloved colleague, a dear friend and family member, Ralf spent a long time making Malta his second home, and he passed away very far from his family in Germany,” a crowdfunding campaign launched earlier today reads.

“This should be a time for his loved ones to have time to mourn him and keep his memory alive. Nothing should take away from that.”

In between the already high costs of repatriation and further complications brought about by COVID-19, the transportation alone cost some €4,500. “The reality is that a very heavy cost will ensure for him to be brought back to his family,” the statement reads. “Something, which no family should have to endure in addition to what has already happened.”

And it’s here that Besedo, the company that Ralf had worked with for over seven years, stepped in to help.

Besedo paid half of the tough costs involved… with his colleagues creating the crowdfunding page for people to make a contribution and support Ralf’s family during this difficult time.

“A lot of us didn’t get to say goodbye due to the current situation and we do hope that this one last deed will help us heal too,” the statement by Ralf’s colleagues reads. “It is the least we can do after all the years of his hard work and friendship.”

Just launched earlier today, the crowdfunding campaign has already raised over €500.

“It’s hard to make sense out of why life is so cruel, it is beyond anyone’s comprehension. There is nothing we can do to take the pain away from the people who were closest to him. What we can do is honor his name and help out those who are suffering most.”

“Ralf will always be remembered as the kindest, giving and most compassionate individual, for many he became family in his second home in Malta,” the statement finished, urging anyone who would like to leave a comment in support of Ralf’s family or share a memory to do so.

RIP Ralf

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