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Costa’s Gift To A Young Maltese Girl With Autism Will Warm Your Heart More Than One Of Their Coffees

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Despite being only seven years old, Sas, a Maltese girl on the autism spectrum, must already be one of Costa Coffee’s greatest fans.

“She’s obsessed with Costa and I was uploading funny posts about how she was getting her revenge every time I took her somewhere like a pool to swim instead of Costa,” her mother Audrey Komrij Jones told Lovin Malta.

Funny posts like this one:

Which was followed by this one:

And this one of Sas basking in her victory.

Then something quite unexpected happened. Audrey received a message from a Costa manager asking for her address so they could make it easier to take Sas’ favourite coffee chain to the pool without having to compromise.

Soon after, a goodie bag arrived for Sas with a Costa-themed cooler, cup, lanyards and badges, as well as vouchers and a note reading: Hey Sas, we’ve heard that you love Costa…and we at Costa love you back! :)”

Sometimes a random act of kindness can make a world of difference, particularly to a family who has grown used to the world treating them like they’re different. 

Sas has moderate autism, meaning that while she is bright in areas such as spelling, she has has trouble recognising and adapting to social norms and behaviours. Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to accept her condition as it is and react negatively to her idiosyncrasies. 

“We know where we’re welcome and where we’re not, and it means the world to us when Sas is made to feel welcome without any special treatment,”  Audrey explained. “We have a handful of places we go to regularly where she is treated like a child and not like an annoying noisy one. I do know we can go to Costa and not worry that the staff will glare at us.”

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