Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Niece Pays Touching Instagram Tribute To Her Late Aunt’s Love Of Beauty

"In times when ugliness abounds, it helps to think of colour, light and gorgeous design"

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The late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is renowned across Malta for her controversial blog, but one of her teenage nieces now wants to raise awareness on a lesser-known side to her late aunt.

Megan Mallia, 18, announced she is starting an Instagram series to celebrate her late aunt’s love for beauty as shown through quotes in the magazines she used to edit.

“I'm spending some of my break from studying going through issues of her old magazines, finding anecdotes and interior design tips that I've decided to start sharing with you here,” Megan said. “In times when ugliness abounds, it helps to think of colour, light and gorgeous design.”

The first quote is from the first ever edition of the ‘Flair’ magazine, which she used to edit.

“A table of objects is composed in a very similar way to a painting or a photograph. You must keep an eye to height, width, depth and distance, the balance of objects in terms of size, colour, shade and texture, and their overall relationship to each other.”

Megan, as well as her younger sister Amy, has involved herself in the activist movement demanding justice for her aunt, addressing a number of vigils outside the Great Siege Monument.

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