Does This Person Have The Luckiest VAT Receipts In Malta?

Receipts win one person €22,471 in five years

Receipts Cover

One lucky participant of the monthly VAT lottery has netted €22,471 in the past five years in nine separate draws.

The same ID card number enjoyed double wins in both August and September of this year, netting him a total of €8,599 alone. Back in June 2012, the same individual won €11,647. His receipts were also drawn in April 2015, November 2014, April 2014 and May 2013, combining total winnings of €22,471.


Multiple victories are not uncommon in the VAT lottery, probably due to the disproportionate number of receipts some participants submit compared to others. 

However, speculation over the lottery procedures has been rife since 2003 when some 11 public lotto officials were charged with tampering the VAT lottery. According to court reports, the officials would clip chosen receipts to the inside of the hinges of the urn used to draw the receipt so they would be able to pick up the chosen tickets while keeping up the pretence that procedure was being followed.

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