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Free Rocky: How One Concerned Maltese Woman Saved A Rockfish From An Eternity Swimming In A Pembroke Supermarket’s Lobster Tank

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The world is a big, scary place, but sometimes even the littlest gesture can mean the world to someone… especially if that someone is a scared little rockfish.

Cara was shopping at a popular supermarket in Pembroke when she came across a sight she couldn’t get out of her head: a little rockfish amid monstrous lobsters, in a tank situated in the fish section of the supermarket.

“I asked the staff if he was there to be eaten or to have and they told me ‘no, he was caught in amongst the lobster catch and decided to keep him as a pet in the tank’,” Cara told Lovin Malta. “It didn’t sit right with me and every day that I went, the rockfish just looked miserable and scared whenever a lobster would go near him.”

“I decided enough was enough and I had to do something. He might just be a little fish but he’s a living creature that deserves a better life.”

Rocky the rockfish in the lobster tank

Rocky the rockfish in the lobster tank

That’s when Cara decided to take matters into her own hands and find the rockfish – who she named Rocky – a new forever home.

However, Rocky needed a saltwater aquarium. She spoke to the supermarket manager, who understood her concerns, apologised for Rocky’s situation, and offered Cara Rocky’s freedom on one condition: she needed to find a safe new home for him.

“I decided to go one step further as every day I had Rocky in my mind: so I contacted the Malta Aquarium.”

The Aquarium was “absolutely helpful” and asked for pictures of Rocky – and soon after showed up to save Rocky the scared rockfish.

“Today they came to collect!” Cara rejoiced. “My heart was so happy at the knowledge that little Rocky will finally have a home but will first need some quarantine before he gets settled with the rest of the sea creatures at Malta aquarium.”

Cara knows that saving a rockfish may not seem a big deal to people, but it was to her, and she urges others to help all life, no matter how big or small.

“I know this might be silly and not that important to some but if more people could stand up to things like this then hopefully people will be more aware of what they take out of the oceans and help put it back,” she ended.

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