Maltese Girl Blows Us Away With Phenomenal Piano Skills

Young local talent at its finest

Daphne Head

Daphne Delicata might seem like any other 11-year old Maltese girl with her curly brown hair, cute smile and glasses. But when she's put in front of a piano, she transforms into one of the finest young performers on the island.

At 11 years old, she had already achieved the ARSM Diploma in Piano Performance with high distinction and won first prize in the Malta International Music Competition twice (2015 & 2017). She's participated in recitals and masterclasses all around Europe, and she's just getting started.

"We first realised she was interested in piano when she was about 2-3'' Says Dr Nadine Delicata, Daphne's mother "We attended a piano recital at a Hotel in St.Julians, and during the reception she got away from us and jumped up on stage! She sat down in the pianists seat and was trying to mimic him''

From then on her father, also a musician, began teaching her the piano. She now practices at least three hours a day.

''She actually get's anxious if she goes a few days without practicing. I'm the grounded one, not musical at all'' continued Mrs.Delicata ''I tell her that it's her life and she should only do this if she wants to. But she's decided she's going to become a famous musician one day, and we support her''

Besides playing music, Daphne performs well in school, sings and dances and loves to draw.

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