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‘He Is Not Lucky, We Are The Lucky Ones’: Deaf Maltese Mother Speaks On Life-Changing Adoption Of Indian Son

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After becoming deaf at the age of four, Nicolette Aquilina Cutajar knew she could overcome any obstacle or barrier to happiness in her life.

However, failing to get pregnant with her husband for seven years – even turning to IVF at a point – Nicolette decided to take matters into her own hands, and, together with her husband, made the decision to adopt a son from India.

“Almost a year has passed since I became an adoptive mother of a one-year-old Indian boy named Raul,” Nicolette told Lovin Malta.

“The experience of motherhood is not just about having kids or having more work to do. It is that part of your life when you show exactly who you are, receiving lots of love, joy and happiness,” she continued. “During the seven years of our marriage, my husband and I tried our utmost to have our own child, however, we have no regrets as now we have such a wonderful son with a lovely character.”

Nicolette and Raul

Nicolette and Raul

“We strongly believe that Raul is not the lucky one but we are the lucky ones to have him”

Born on other sides of the world, Nicolette’s love for her son has already built a stronger connection than either parent could have imagined.

“We have a strong bond and attachment regardless of the fact that our blood and race are different. He brings more than love and life in our lives,” she smiled.

Nicolette is keenly aware of the conditions her son was living in while growing up in his homeland.

“When he was in India, he spent most of his time in the cot. There was a lack of nutritious food, human contact and lack of playtime. He was very weak. We were already informed of certain issues, but we accepted him regardless of his situation,” she explained.

Nicolette, her hsuband, and Raul, in India

Nicolette, her hsuband, and Raul, in India

“We are very happy that after some months his health and learning improved more than we expected”

Having battled meningitis when she was just a child, Nicolette wants her son’s health to be the best it can possibly be.

“I am a profoundly deaf mother and I never give up when there are obstacles because I’m deaf,” she said.

“There is a lack of awareness both on deaf issues and adoption issues in Malta.”

Approaching his first year in Malta – Raul’s just two-years-old now – Nicolette wants her son to know where he is from.

“I will urge him to be proud of being adopted from India,” she said. “And we are looking forward to organising his ‘Gotcha Party’ as his first year in Malta.”

Nicolette feels blessed to have had the opportunity to have her son become a part of her life

“Children, whether biological or adopted, give you more in life,” she said. “There is no inequality between them.”

And she has a bit of advice for any would-be parents who are considering adopting

“I have been asked by a few individuals whether they are eligible to adopt a child. I would like to tell all couples and singles: of course, you can, if you are capable to give love and care for children. I have no regrets following our IVF attempt failures. The Agenżija Tama will always support your dreams and help them to come true. Believe that these children will complete your life and your family with joy, love and happiness – regardless of your situation.”

What do you think of Nicolette’s adoption experience?

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