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'He Saw That I Was Bleeding And All He Did Was Turn His Back On Me'

Maltese woman who was attacked by dog tells her story

Lindsey Vella was at work last Thursday when she was unexpectedly attacked by a man's pit-bull. Bleeding and shocked, she was taken to hospital where she was told she had permanent damage to her upper lip. She spoke to Lovin Malta about her attack, and what she now faces in her future. 

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I was at the shop working when a guy asked me if he can come in with his dog, and I said yes as we allow dogs inside our store. 

I was petting the dog, and his owner gave me a treat to give him, and as I was going to stand up the dog, bit me in the upper lip. I rushed outside as I was bleeding heavily and the dog owner just came and asked if I was OK... I didn't even answer him and he pulled the dog and left.

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I was in huge pain, and I wasn't even able to speak. At that moment it's the most pointless question to ask someone if they're OK... he saw that I was bleeding, and all he did was turn his back on me and leave.

Then people starting coming from I don't even know where, rushing towards me and started calming me down, and a client called the ambulance and the police. 

When the police came they asked me to tell them what happened. I was in a lot of pain and I could barely talk. The ambulance came and rushed me to hospital.

I returned home from my operation this morning. I underwent a 'connection of lips' operation. This is my second one of that type so far. It went well, I am still in pain, but doing much better. The doctors told me I have a disfigurement (sfregju) in my face, and that I have at least two more weeks recovering at home.

My upper lip is not bad after the operation, but I'm in huge pain at the moment, and it's the worst feeling ever. I will recover, but I will have to do plastic surgery. I don't know what type yet, but the doctors will tell me next week. 

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Lindsey after this morning's operation


The man and his pit-bull

Do you have any information on the dog's owner? If so please contact the police

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