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‘He Was Like Family To Me’: Adrian Zammit Opens Up After Sudden Death Of 23-Year-Old Marsa Shopowner

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Marsa influencer and Maltese social media sensation Adrian Zammit has been left saddened and heartbroken by the death of 23-year-old Maged Saad Malak Eshak.

“He was one of the good guys… we need more people like him, his death is going to leave a void,” Adrian told Lovin Malta. 

He recounted how Eshak loved cats and was a very religious man who was generous to people, oftentimes going out of his way to help them, especially if they weren’t doing so well.

As the owner of the Middel East Market shop, he’d often encounter people down on their luck.

“If you didn’t have money, he would give you what you want and say: ‘don’t worry, God provides’… I’ll never forget that,” Adrian said. 

Adrian said Eshak would sleep at his store because he was scared of being robbed, and he was working hard to provide a good living for his new family: he was set to marry shortly.

“Eshak loved his fiancée so much, he wanted to work hard to support her and her family, and he was looking forward to getting married,” he said.

A few years back, Eshak lost his mother to cancer, but had rebounded after the tragedy to become a strong, generous man, Adrian said. His sudden death had left his loved ones and close friends shocked over the loss to the Marsa community.

“I felt so bad for him when I found out it was him, he was like my family, if not more…”Adrian trails off. “Sometimes I would go to his shop and he wouldn’t accept my money, telling me: “Alla jipprovdi, Alla jipprovdi…”

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