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Here’s What Two People Found At A Maltese Nature Reserve

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When two friends decided to make themselves useful and help tidy up one of Malta’s most beautiful nature reserves, they never expected to find the place in such a terrible state.

“The site is clearly lacking any form of management and is in dire need of attention and conservation,” they told the Facebook community of Are You Being Served.

Wied il-Miżieb is Malta’s only real woodland and has been protected since 2001. Unbelievably, the people responsible for conserving it are the hunters. 

This is what Andrew Schembri and Ghislaine Calleja found within just 200 metres from where they parked.

Cover photo: Leslie Vella

Outdated signs seemingly used for target practice

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Random piping

14692147 1478347322180857 5832348021036961951 O

The least effective signage in the world

14589698 1478347282180861 1987687548080356028 O

Xeba wooden pallets

14753312 1478347355514187 3332055660554526295 O

TVs, obviously 

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14859859 1478347845514138 7774196729919470878 O

More piping

14859757 1478347775514145 5076808086796846695 O

A whole lotta construction waste

14876696 1478347555514167 5828806959411563047 O

Picnic remains and misplaced cycling gear

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14856075 1478347188847537 7172359370119928259 O

Hunting hideouts

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14876658 1478347762180813 8666843202093630203 O 1

Beautifully curated rubbish dump installations

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And at least four garbage bags worth of other litter on the ground

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Would you like to be part of the solution like Andrew and Ghislaine? Leave your address below and they’ll let you know next time they organise a cleanup.

Mobile users can fill in the form via this link.

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