Here's Your 'Faith In Humanity Restored' Post Of The Day

Neighbours aren't just there to make noise!

Cover Locked

Malta's open-to-all chatroom does it again! Earlier this morning a post in Are You Being Served was a shining light amongst far too many complaints.

Ruth is a mother who experienced what most parents would consider to be a nightmare - she was locked out of her own house, while her two-year-old child was locked inside. Without hesitation her neighbour, Daniella, rushed in to help.


Daniella, who was about to leave for work, didn't waste any time calming Ruth down, giving her a mobile to call with and zipping off to get the key to open the door once more. 

In the words of Ruth herself, it's posts like these that remind us there are still a lot of kindhearted people in this world!


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