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‘I Attempted It’: Maltese Influencer Opens Up About Trying To Take Her Own Life Months After Videos Were Leaked Online

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TRIGGER WARNING – Article discusses topics related to suicide and taking one’s own life.

Lexi Borg, a local influencer who has dedicated her platform to fashion and mental health, has opened up to Lovin Malta about her struggles with suicide following a TikTok she made reliving that almost fateful night.

“That night, everything became too overwhelming and so I attempted to jump off a cliff,” she recounted.

The 19-year-old posted a vulnerable TikTok in which she relived the aftermath of her latest suicide attempt, a moment that was made bearable due to the timely intervention of one police officer.

The short clip explained that the officer reminded the young woman how much her life is worth and pledged to take care of her “every step of the way”.

And seven months later, Lexi is here and thriving.


Thank you to everyone who was there that night

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Lovin Malta spoke to the brave mental health advocate and asked her what happened that night.

“I did not have an easy childhood. I’ve had negative thoughts festering in my mind from a young age,” Lexi said, providing some background to her battle against suicidal thoughts.

“When I was 16, I tried to take my life for the first time by overdosing on my medication.”

After this traumatic attempt, Lexi swore that she would never do it again, yet she couldn’t escape the thoughts that continued to linger at the back of her mind.

Nonetheless, she started going to therapy and felt like her mental health was healing, but in February of 2021, her private nude videos were leaked and she was being picked apart and criticised by people all over the island.

Despite this though, Lexi revisited her pledge and tried her best not to delve into the dark hole that she had found herself in at 16-years-old. And she was successful until May of that same year.

“In May, it felt like my personal life started deteriorating around me.”

“Then, one night, I met up with a couple of friends while I was going through a really tough period in my life and at some point, I just couldn’t handle it, it all became too overwhelming so I walked to a cliff and attempted to jump off until a friend who was there that night followed me and stopped me,” she said, in a very articulate and matter-of-fact manner.

“I was screaming and wanted to be left alone when the police arrived. A couple of them were just trying to get me into the ambulance. But one of them was extremely kind and gentle, she really helped me out and assured me that we can do this my way,” she said fondly.

And although she hasn’t seen this police officer again, she made Lexi feel comfortable that night.

One of the main things that Lexi struggled with during her most difficult times was feeling alone, and this is exactly why she’s so transparent and vocal about everything she’s gone through.

From speaking about revenge porn to opening up about suicide – she has put herself at the forefront of criticism, trolls and hate so that her followers have a safe space that allows them to feel less alone.

“After everything that happened, I was pushed into the spotlight and so I wanted to use my position to just try and be of aid to some people. I wanted to listen to others with similar stories and help them heal from or prevent these horrible things from happening to them,” she explained.

“In fact, a good 60 girls reached out to me and shared their stories.”

“I want to help normalise having different emotions and speaking about tough times so that people engage in conversation with one another. I don’t just want to show the good sides of my life, I want people to see my reality so that they can relate and find comfort in it.”

But with such honesty comes people attacking the most vulnerable aspects of her life, and this is why she urges everyone to keep in mind that influencers are people with their own lives, issues and feelings.

“Behind all the images portrayed on social media, there is a person going through their own battles,” she said.

“We need more love, there’s too much hate in this world.”

One thing that really stuck out from speaking to Lexi was the way this trauma shaped her newfound perspective on life.

“If I actually managed to commit suicide, I wouldn’t have been able to live every other day. I wouldn’t have been able to see a sunset again, hear a bird sing again, drink a coffee again,” she said, explaining how this realisation instilled a beautiful appreciation for the little things in life.

She relayed that a person needs to notice these small things to understand that the world is so big, “it’s beyond my life and made up of billions of others, for this reason I don’t feel so alone”.

Lexi explained that this mentality, along with loads of therapy and cleansing the toxicity in parts of her life that she can control, have immensely helped her on her road to recovery.

But overall, she urges everyone to talk.

“Talk to family, friends, a therapist – write in a journal, just let it out. Don’t keep everything bottled up and remember that there is always hope,” she instructed.

All of this has gotten her to the healthier and happier place that she finds herself in now.

“I haven’t thought about suicide again and I’m super proud of myself. I’ve had these thoughts for years and I worked so hard to get rid of them. I can truly say I’ve succeeded.”

If you want to go on this journey of healing, strength and transparency with Lexi, while also enjoying some more light-hearted fashion content, follow her TikTok @lexi_b13 and her Instagram @borg_lexi.

If you or someone you know needs to talk about their mental health, please call national support service 179. Alternatively, visit www.kellimni.com or Richmond Foundation’s OLLI.chat to get in touch online.

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