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‘I Felt Like A Kid Again’: Neil Agius Braves Rain And Strong Winds To Take Early Morning Swim

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As rain and strong winds battered Malta this morning, legendary swimmer Neil Agius was out and about to take an early-morning swim.

Driving down to Mellieħa bay at 6am this morning, still dark, pouring down with rain, strong winds and a huge smile on my face,” Agius said today. “Felt like a little kid about to go outside jumping in puddles and playing in the rain.”

“Swimming in these conditions excites me; the challenge of swimming in those currents excites me.”


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An Olympian athlete, Agius became a household name for his annual summer swim challenges, particularly his 125km swim from Linosa to Gozo in 2021, which broke the world record for the longest continuous, unassisted swim.

The moment Agius landed in Gozo, captured by Lovin Malta, has racked up over 18.6 million views on Facebook alone. 

Although he took a break last summer, he recently confirmed he plans to undertake another challenging swim in the summer of 2023.

“I’m super excited for what’s to come,” he said. “It’s time to start focusing and with my team do something special.”

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