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‘I Have A Lifetime Ahead Of Me’: Young Maltese Amputee Is Raising €32,000 To Get A Life-Changing Prosthetic Leg

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It’s been almost a year since Owen Mallia was involved in a terrible accident that took his left leg.

Although he has made incredible strides in his recovery, he still isn’t able to function comfortably with a prosthetic leg… well, not quite yet.

That’s why he needs your help.

Last December, Owen was involved in a terrible car accident whilst changing his car’s tire.

The accident left him with a broken pelvis, a torn urethra and an amputated leg.

“When I woke up in hospital, I noticed there was a missing bump in the bed covers where my left toes should be. I did not think much of it, however, as I could still feel my leg,” he said.

“The reality only hit me when I pulled back the covers and saw a bandaged stump where my leg should have been.”

Within a matter of split seconds, Owen’s life changed forever. The 21-year-old was reduced to a fraction of his former self and there was nothing he could do about it. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Owen quickly accepted his situation and began the road to recovery, day by day, step by step.

“I began setting personal targets to help me with my recovery. I had a lifetime ahead of me and I only had one go at it.”

Thanks to the meticulous work and dedication of those around him including his parents, employer and staff at both Karin Grech and Mater Dei hospitals, Owen was on the path to making a speedy recovery and, just four months after the incident, he was able to walk on a prosthetic leg and without any support.

“The people around me, including my parents, gave me a purpose to live. I began setting personal targets to help me with my recovery. I had a lifetime ahead of me and I only had one go at it.”

A year on and Owen is doing his very best to live a normal life again. While his current situation is much better than he could have ever asked for, there’s still room for improvement and the young man has his sights set on some redefining technology that could boost his quality of life immensely…

The Rheo Knee, a dynamic, microchip knee that provides control of both the swing and stance phases of gait, as well as stumble recovery, step-over-step descent of steps and secure controlled recline to a seated position.

This is the next step in Owens’ recovery and it’s not far off from becoming a reality. With the support of Puttinu Cares, Owen is reaching out to the public, to you, to help him raise the €32,000 needed to purchase the Rheo Knee.

Feel free to make a financial contribution to BOV account number 40024973144, quoting ‘Microchip prosthetic leg’ or Revolut Owen directly, GB68REVO00997027598068.

The road to recovery hasn’t been easy and it’s far from over, but with the Rheo Knee, Owen will be one huge step closer to living a normal life.

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