'I Pray While I Swim': Michelle Muscat Takes On Biggest Challenge Ever This Saturday

She'll be doing the 12km charity swim even though Joseph Muscat would rather she didn't

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Michelle Muscat, chair of the Marigold Foundation and the wife of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, will be returning to her annual charitable swimming challenge to raise money. Her fourth attempt at completing the "Rock To Rock" challenge will also be her longest.

She'll be swimming 12 kilometres this year, which is two more than last year's and double what she did the first time she took the challenge. Also, the first €50,000 that is raised will be donated straight to Richmond Foundation and put towards a special fund for children's needs.

While she's been training hard for the challenge and is feeling good, it turns out Michelle's husband worries a bit too much whenever it comes time for her to undertake the challenge.

"Joseph isn't very happy with me, he tells me: 'I don't know where you got the idea from.' Even the kids, they can't wait for it to end,'" Michelle laughed in an interview with Xarabank.

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat awaiting Michelle in a previous year's challenge

Her love for the sea started when she was a child

"My father was the kind of guy who would just throw me in the water. He loved to fish, he was always near the sea. But now he's grown older and even he is worried about me," she said.

Indeed, it isn't only her loved ones that get nervous come challenge time.

"I'm always worried that I won't make it: it's not always the same, every time you do it it's different - there's different currents or jellyfish..." she says.

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Michelle Muscat's father

It took her 4 hours and 20 minutes to complete during a practice run

Michelle was happy with her 4:20 swimming time, keeping a good pace and rarely stopping. She'll now take on the challenge proper this Saturday - anyone who would like to donate to the cause can do so by SMSing the numbers below.

What do you think of this charitable challenge?

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