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‘I Still Remember The Moment Your Eyes Opened:’ Simon Schembri’s Daughter Sends Loving Tribute Two Years On From Luqa Attack

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The daughter of a Maltese traffic officer who overcame life-threatening injuries has opened up on the anniversary of the brutal attack that took place on her father.

“Around this time two years ago, I saw you in such a bad state that you couldn’t even open your eyes, I felt such sadness that I can’t describe till today,” Leah Schembri said in an emotional post.

“But I realised at that moment that, for the first time in our lives, it wasn’t you that needed to take care of me, but my brothers and I – and from that moment onwards, I found strength,” she continued.

Malta had woken up to the shocking news that a traffic officer had been dragged under a car in Luqa after trying to issue a ticket.

Schembri’s injuries were so severe that his rib bones were reportedly showing after his skin was peeled off as he was dragged under a vehicle being driven by underage Maltese teen Liam Debono.

Schembri ended up fighting for his life, and even had to have an arm amputated – but he recovered and was soon up and at it again, and his story continues to inspire till today. 

Leah thanked her dad for helping instil in her an inner strength and build a strong character.

“I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to fight for your life and I’d lose you forever, but not only did you fight but you stood up as if nothing had happened,” Leah said.

“I still remember the moment of happiness when I saw you open your eyes, then speak to up, moves your fingers, eat and drink, and then get up and sit down until you made your first step!”

She ended by thanking him for her solid upbringing, constant support and the fact that, no matter what, her father can always be relied on to help others.

What did you think of this daughter’s loving tribute to her father? Let us know in the comments below.

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