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‘I Will Not Go Away’: Maltese Animal Activist Offers Reward To Anyone With Information On Mercilessly Dumped Dog

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The dust still hasn’t settled on the case of Percy (or Persy, short for perseverance) the dog who was dumped in a skip in the south of Malta a few weeks ago. Animal lovers from all around Malta shared their anger when the story first broke, then collectively rejoiced when it was announced he would be fostered ready for adoption. 

Animal activists are now offering a reward for any information pertaining to Persy’s dumping

Alison Bezzina, author of local animal activism site I Will Not Go Away, has blasted Animal Welfare for their lack of – well, everything – when it comes to tracking down the culprits.

Bezzina had emailed the Animal Welfare Directorate yesterday, questioning the lack of reaction by Hon Clint Camilleri and The Animal Welfare Commissioner. She “very strongly” suggested that the fury of God be instilled into the public as a means of cutting out this sort of crime.  

Bezzina gave them a 24-hour ultimatum: make an effort or she would. And that’s exactly what she’s done. Closing off the post, she told her readers that anyone with information that may help lead to an arrest will be rewarded with €100. 

The buck stops here.

Bezzina started the site in hopes of helping raise awareness for a cause close to her heart, and is now using the platform to offer a reward to anyone who has information on how Percy came to be left in the skip, almost bled out and quite literally on his last legs.

While she did praise AW for their quick response to the situation, she is taking particular aim at their enforcement of the law surrounding the abuse of animals in Malta. “It has been six whole weeks since Percy was found,” she said. “He is recovering well, but we still have no idea what actually happened to him.”

“As difficult as it is to catch any criminal, in cases of animal cruelty and neglect, it does not seem like anyone is even trying,” Alison posted on her blog this morning. “Reliable sources have informed this website that Percy was found in a skip where there are CCTV cameras, but to our knowledge, these have not been checked.”

To help Alison out with the reward, you can find her details below: 

  • Revolut: +356 77654321 (Please do add a note to the transfer so she knows what it’s for!)
  • Paypal – alison.bezzina@gmail.com

Tag all your friends in the comments so they can help raise the reward!

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