Maltese Influencer Voices Disgust At Ħal Far Murder: ‘Terrorist Cannot Call Himself A Maltese Citizen’

'He is a murderer and a terrorist and cannot call himself a citizen of Malta'


Madeleine Baldacchino, one of Malta’s top social media influencers with 85,000 followers on Instagram, has strongly condemned the Ħal Far murder of Lassana Cisse Souleymane, describing the unknown killer as a “terrorist”.

“RIP Lassine Souleymane. I promise your friends that not all Maltese people are like this, for he is a murderer, a terrorist and cannot call himself a citizen of Malta,” Madeleine said in an Instagram story.

“To think that I used to pass through that exact road every single day for the last two months makes me feel disgusted by what one single man can do," Madeleine continued. "I can never pass through this road without feeling humiliated that a Maltese person was capable of this.”

Even though Baldacchino suggested the killer was a male and a Maltese citizen, police are yet to establish their identity and motive behind the murder.

Madeleine Cisse Instagram

Souleymane, 42, was shot dead by an unknown person in a moving vehicle last Saturday while walking along Triq tal-Ġebel, a country road between Ħal Far and Birżebbuġa.

Two other Ghanians, also residents of the Ħal Far open centre, were found with gunshot injuries further down the road, but their injuries weren’t serious.

While a motive has not yet been established, the murder case has shed light on racial attacks against African migrants in the vicinity of the open centre.

Some open centre residents have warned that they have stopped walking along that particular road after hearing about how migrants were pelted with rocks, taunted, threatened and sometimes deliberately run over while waking along it.

Malta’s national broadcaster PBS today announced that it will ban all racist, xenophobic and hateful comments, as well as political posters and propaganda, from its Facebook page and that repeat offenders risk getting banned.

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