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Inside The Squalid Marsa Stables Without Running Water That Migrants Call Their Home

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Photos have emerged of the filthy living conditions that seven migrants are living in at stables in Marsa that were built for horses.

Makeshift beds and sofas line the floor, while basic furniture and a kitchen station with pots and pans can also be seen. Although there’s a sink inside the room, Lovin Malta is informed that there is no running water and that migrants sometimes beg horse owners for a bucket of water.

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The toilet doesn’t appear to be working either, and the migrant residents have been seen doing their business outside.

Lovin Malta is informed that the migrants are paying around €100 per month for accommodation in these stables, which are close to the Marsa Horse Racing Track. While horse owners usually pay around €150 per month to house each horse, Lovin Malta is informed that stable owners are bringing in three or four people per horse and charging each of them around €100 in rent.

Since stables there have space for two or three horses, this means that its owners are earning a tidy profit of anything between €500 and €1,200 a month.

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Several cases of African migrants illegally housed in foul conditions have been uncovered in recent months, and once evicted, the migrants were either deported or left completely homeless, depending on their document status

Ryan Spagnol, a chief officer at Identity Malta, recently urged the police to clamp down on landlords who are getting rich off the backs of vulnerable migrants.

“People are living in filth and without any documentation, renting and working without permits and continuously subjected to exploitation,” Spagnol said. “Meanwhile, the media cannot keep up with all the cases of robberies from elderly people’s homes and luxury properties.”

Do you know of any similar cases? If so, feel free to email us in confidence at [email protected]

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