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‘It Was A Miracle’: 19-Year-Old Mtarfa Footballer Reinvigorates Belief In God After Coming Out Of A Two Week Coma

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Over two months after being hit by a car that nearly cost him his life, 19-year-old footballer Matteo Grima has made a remarkable recovery and is on a path to reliving his normal life once again.

“I was in a very critical condition and my chances of surviving were very narrow but the fact that I’ve managed to rehabilitate so quickly is in itself an incredible feat. That is why I call it a miracle,” he told The People of Malta.

The young footballer, who plays with Mdina Knights FC, was hit by a car while jogging on a road from Rabat to Dingli.

His injuries led to a 12-day coma with doctors predicting that he would come out of it with a permanent disability or not come out of it at all.

“With the grace of God none of that materialised,” he said.

For Matteo, his recovery was a miracle and the Mtarfa youth has rejuvenated his belief in prayer as a result.

“My dad was reciting the rosary in the Mtarfa chapel with my sister. It’s interesting to note that I regained consciousness from the coma with the notes of the band playing the Annunciation march that I love so much. From all the holy pictures, in the room close to where I was being operated, my father had found one of the Annunciation and took it with him to help pray for me,” he said.

“Now I believe more in the power of prayer. It comes naturally to me to say a prayer before going to sleep.”

Within three weeks of his life-threatening accident, Matteo was able to talk, walk and was discharged from hospital.

Two months later and the 19-year-old is once again back to living an almost normal life and was even invited to experience Malta’s national football team in training.

However, his road to recovering isn’t over just yet.

“I still have an operation to undergo in the next few months. I was always a very determined person and I worked with the doctors and physio, even to regain the ability to write and draw so I can continue with my architecture course.”

Though hurdles still stand in the way of the athlete, his determination and faith will have taught him to never give up and he looks to the future with only positive thoughts.

“Life has become very precious to me. I learned never to give up. I have been through probably the most difficult experience in my life and I doubt whether I will ever have such a huge hurdle to conquer again.”

Matteo also hopes that his experience and recovery will help, inspire and encourage others experiencing a difficult time.

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