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‘It Was Very Hard, But The Right Thing To Do’: Young Maltese Athlete Opens Up On Heartbreaking Decision To Retire From Wimbledon

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Helene Pellicano was a force to be reckoned with at Wimbledon’s Junior Tournament. Her comeback after going down 1-6 in the first set showed the world that she had the strength and determination to go all the way. Unfortunately, that dream came to an abrupt and heartbreaking end when she lost her second round match-up… not because she was outperformed, but because she was forced to retire due to an injury. 

A week before Wimbledon, Pellicano had competed in a tournament in Roehampton where her knee started show some issues. Despite the discomfort she experienced, nothing would stop the young athlete from playing her favourite Grand Slam, Wimbledon.

Pellicano entered the tournament ready and focused. Despite it being her first time playing on grass, she emerged victorious against Alexandra Yepifanova, outlasting the American 1-6, 6-3, 6-4. But not all was well. During her match, Pellicano slipped and twisted her knee, aggravating the pain.

Things were looking bleak at this point. Pellicano struggled to walk the next day due to the lingering injury, but through sheer resilience and determination, she carried on

Pellicano entered the second round putting up a strong fight and won two sets against Polina Kudermetova. But her knee was taking its toll. In the world of sports, winning is everything, but suffering a knee injury could also be the end of it all. So Pellicano and her team made the smart decision to retire after the first set of her second match.

“It was very hard for me because I didn’t want to retire in such a prestigious tournament, but it was the right thing to do.”

Although her Wimbledon journey came to a disappointing end, Pellicano did make the right choice.

A decision which takes into consideration the longevity of her career and ensures that she has the chance to come back stronger and better than ever, ready to impress the international circuit with her superhuman determination and impressive skills.

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