Legendary Maltese Reggae Bar Is Moving To Jamaica

So you'd better enjoy the parties while they last

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After ten years of hard work and a reputation for being the place for reggae music, iconic St. Julian's bar Juuls is closing its door and moving to the source of its inspiration - Jamaica! 

And it's not just any town in Jamaica, Juuls is off to the immaculately photogenic Pon de Rock beach.

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"I want to close it while I still have the energy and at a time when people remember it well", admits Nicki Scicluna, owner of the iconic bar. But the thought of the new challenge ahead fills him with excitement. 

"It's going to be called Juuls Pon Di Rock, and will have Jamaican cultural and musical tours. We have a couple of very beautiful rooms in a butterfly and humming bird garden near an amazing beach." 

If Nicki's latest photos are anything to go by, that description is quite the understatement.

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So what's going to happen to the famous little bar on the steps overlooking Spinola Bay?

"Unfortunately, we'll have to rent out Juuls in Malta," Nicki adds. "I'm still hoping to find the right person with enough energy and love for the reggae culture to take over." Sadly, it seems like it's proving to be a bit tough to find someone who's willing as hard as Nicki used to and to keep the venue as it is. 

So if you or someone know is up for the challenge of taking up a pivotal role in sustaining one of the country's biggest (and healthiest) subcultures, now's your chance!

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But let's not dwell on what could be, and focus on what we have. And what we have is a last few bashes left to celebrate this iconic spot.

"I would just like people to have fun on our last season, and for people to remember it well."

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Share your memories of Juuls with us and let's not allow it to be the first victim of 2017. 

Tag someone who you think would be interesting in continuing its legacy in Malta! #jahbless

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