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‘Let’s Live Once More’: Maltese COVID-19 Survivor’s Rallying Cry To Nation After Defeating Virus

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One of the first Maltese people to contract COVID-19 has urged Malta to look forward to life at the other end of the pandemic after recovering from the coronavirus.

“After a month and a day, I’ve managed to beat you, you destructive virus,” Martin Attard said on Facebook. “I’ve beaten you in silence and in solitude, isolated from the rest of the world. I don’t know how you entered my life, without any permission.”

“You hurt me physically but you hurt me mentally even more. You played an ugly game with my loved ones, with some of my best friends and with my colleagues. Yet I didn’t cave in to you.”

“Today, 10th April 2020, is the start of a new page in this chapter of my life. It will leave a mark that I will remember forever but this is just the start. The war against you has a way to go and together, as an island, we must keep fighting to destroy you completely.”

“Let’s hug one another, let’s kiss one another, let’s get on an aeroplane and play some football on a Saturday afternoon… let’s live! Have courage.” 

“I thank those dear ones who stayed by my side in these tough days and all those who work day and night to win this war.”

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