Malta's Women-Only Motorcycle Club To Host Charity Event

All about that sisterhood

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The island's only all-female motorcycle club, Vixens Malta, is set to commemorate their second year anniversary by host a riding event on Friday 14th July in aid of the charity RMJ Horse Rescue.


Photo by Stefan Dorekens

Vixens Malta was founded in 2015 as a registered club and NGO, and holds a number of charitable events throughout the year. Last year they rode together in a bid to collect money for Bjorn Formosa's ALS Malta.

The Vixens describe themselves as "regular women with families, jobs and hobbies... who also love to ride our two-wheeled machines." 

Two of the Vixen's founding members started toying with the idea of a club as a way to add something more to the local riding scene in 2014, and by 2015 that number had increased to seven riders, united through "trust, friendship and sisterhood".


The organisation they're helping this year rehabilitates and re-homes many horses who formerly raced competitively, who at the end of their career sometimes find themselves abandoned or on their way to the slaughterhouse. RMJ currently have around 10 horses, some of which cannot be re-homed as a result of physical or behavioral issues the years of abuse have caused.

Photos by Stefan Dorekens and Dragana Rankovvic.

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