Maltese ALS Activist Is Getting Married And They're Donating All Their Wedding Gifts To The Cause

And here's how YOU can make it even more special

Bjorn And Maria

Anyone who's gotten married will tell you that despite how some may play it off, your wedding day is a huge part of your life. 

But Bjorn Formosa and Maria Muscat, a Maltese couple getting married this Saturday, want to make sure their special day is also a huge part of many other people's lives too.

The couple have announced on Facebook that they will be donating all their wedding gifts to support the national charity ALS Malta, which was founded by Bjorn to help those suffering from a Motor Neurone Disease, and inform the general public.

Bjorn 2

Image: Bjorn Formosa / Facebook

Bjorn, who was diagnosed with ALS, has been extremely active on the local scene, campaigning for everybody living with an Motor Neurone Disease to receive the best care, achieve the highest possible quality of life and to die with dignity

The lovebirds have invited everyone to their wedding ceremony at the Dingli Parish Church, and explained that those who wish could donate €4.66 to ALS Malta via SMS on 50618170.

Doing what we do best, the Maltese saw an opportunity to help, and seized it. 

Taking to The Salott, Moira Palmier (the group's founder) encouraged the 35,000 members present to donate whatever they could to the cause, and help find a cure for this neurodegenerative disease. After the post went live, members began to post their screenshots confirming their donation and encouraging others to do the same.

Salott Posts

If you would like to make Bjorn and Maria's day that little bit more special, you can find all the information you need to donate on this website.

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