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Maltese Emergency Doctor Opens Up On Heartbreak After Pregnant Wife Moved Out To Reduce Chance Of Virus Infection

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A Maltese emergency doctor has opened up about how he had to sacrifice the company of his own pregnant wife to avoid the chance of him passing the COVID-19 coronavirus to her.

In an emotional blogpost, Luke Zammit used his own experience to urge people to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the number of COVID-19 cases spiking to a point where Mater Dei wouldn’t be able to cope with the demand.

“The recent reports of community spread augmented the feeling of uncertainty and unease,” he wrote. “I have been showing up for work to serve as best I can those who need me most, but at the back of mind I am continuously wondering about the possibility of getting infected or, worse still, passing the virus on to my pregnant wife.”

“Despite my rigorous hand washing and precautions, the simple gesture of hugging or kissing my wife upon getting back home from work started to make me feel uneasy. The prospect of passing the virus on to her lingered.”

“For this reason we’ve had to make a huge personal sacrifice. She moved out of the house and in with her parents. I am self-isolating at home. Despite the heartbreak, this is the only way we could put our minds at rest.”

“I am not meeting my parents, nor my in-laws, nor my grandparents.”

I am missing out on my baby’s ultrasound scans out of respect for my wife and other pregnant ladies at the clinic. What if I had to develop any symptoms the day after the visit?”

“Despite all of the above, I am committed to serve those in need without expecting any increase in wage or any financial compensation. That is the oath I took 6 years ago.”

“We all have different characters, attitudes and respond to stressful situations differently. But we are all humans and thus we all deserve respect. It feels bad when you don’t feel respected, and feelings are what stick with us.”

“So I reiterate my plea for respect. Respect yourselves, those around you and the ones who are putting themselves in harm’s way to limit the devastation COVID-19 can bring upon our small, closely-knit community.”

“Do what I wish I could – STAY AT HOME WITH YOUR FAMILIES!”

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