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Maltese ‘Mama Africa’ Blasts Mosta Priest: ‘Have You Even Been To An Open Centre?’

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An intense shouting battle between a priest and a Maltese woman who helps migrants took over the panel during last night’s episode of Xarabank.

Father David Muscat repeatedly shouted “u mur ixxejjer” among other angry retorts as Antoinette, known to the migrant community as ‘Mama Africa’ due to the integration and outreach programmes she’s been a part of over the last 16 years, asking the priest just how much he’s done to help out.

Saying she was disappointed with Fr David and that “this is not the church that I know”, she went on to say that if the priest saw how the migrants lived “like rabbits” he wouldn’t be able to last the night.

“Do you know how many people are in those containers?” she asked in reference to the migrants’ living quarters. “Between 25 to 30 people!”

She then asked him if he’s ever even been to an open centre, to which Fr David responded by pulling out a photo.

“Who is this?” he asked. “It’s me after I went up to save a black man from a tower crane. I have a flat, and I let a family live in there and didn’t charge them water or electricity. U mur ixxejjer!

The photo Fr David pulled out.

The photo Fr David pulled out.

“Your dog or cat wouldn’t live like that” – Mama Africa

The heated argument came during a panel discussion on migration, with included TV host Peppi Azzopardi revealing he had welcomed a migrant to live in his house for a year, as well as other migrants who have integrated into Malta apologising for the recent Ħal Far riots.

What did you think of this heated debate?

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