Maltese Model Has Everyone Thirsty AF In International Fashion Magazine Shoot

You may need to step outside for some air.

Chris Cover


Local photographer, and ridiculously-hot-photo generator, Kris Micallef has done it again! This time he teamed up with bearded beau Chris Grech (from Supernova Models) for an exclusive menswear editorial with Kaltblut Magazine.


Photo: Kris Micallef / Kaltblut

'We Shall Meet In Malta' is a treat to those who love beautiful things (suits or otherwise). The Berlin-based publication was founded in 2012 and boasts over 130,000 likes on Facebook showcasing fashion editorials and talented artists from across the globe.


Photo: Kris Micallef / Kaltblut

If you like what you see then you'll also be excited to know that the Chris/Kris combo is likely to be a gift that keeps giving. Last month Kris Micallef posted a sneak peek into his underwater shoot with the model - and if previous underwater escapades are anything to go by - this gon'be good.

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