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Maltese Mother Claps Back After Former Partner Airs Their Dirty Laundry 

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As more and more aggrieved parties in Malta take to social media to lash out at family members or former partners, one woman has had to respond publicly after her former partner aired their dirty laundry publicly.

“You forgot to mention how many times you went to prison for stalking and why you weren’t capable of seeing your children even under Appoġġ’s supervision. You clearly haven’t gotten tired of spreading rumours about me to try and cover up your issues, and you forgot all the times you raised your hands on me and belittled me and turned me into your carpet,” the woman said in her public status.

Her strong response comes after her former partner held an interview where he said he was struggling under the impact COVID-19 has had on the economy, saying he needed to pay €6,100 in alimony by January, something he couldn’t afford, in a public interview that went viral over the weekend.

Since then, prominent Maltese commentators have shared her status, asking for both sides of the story to be made public whenever a former partner alleges something so personal so publicly.

“Poor man – with your lies, you want us to pity you… I guess you’ve forgotten that COVID-19 wasn’t here in January. You forgot to speak about how much you gamble, that you spent two year’s not paying a cent and even got out of jail-time just because I forgave you,” the woman continued.

“Everyone knows how to mess about and play the victim.”

Similarly, just last week, another man had spoken to TVM show Popolin, where he claimed that he was living in poverty due to the fact that he needed to pay €200 a month to his former partner.

As protests are held over parental alienation in Malta, and entire discussion shows are dedicated to this serious and emotional phenomenon, with the Family Courts’ verdicts sometimes leading to a partner feeling like they were treated unfairly, it would be wise to keep in mind that the place to sort out these issues is via mediation, and not social media.

What do you think of more and more former couples going at each other publicly?

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