Maltese Motorcycle Diaries: 15 Months And 52,000kms Later, Maltese Couple Return Home For Christmas

Wild Feathers are #CoupleGoals

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Dropping everything and heading out on a #Wanderlust tour of the wide, wild world with the most important person in your life may be most people's dream, but one Maltese couple were literally living it for over a year.

Daryl and Deborah, a Maltese couple that run the travel page Wild Feathers, have just returned to the island after spending the last 15 months travelling through 11 different Asian countries using just their motorbike.

Daryl, a keen photographer and motorcyclist, wanted to step out of his comfort zone and take on a new challenge.

"Riding is the one of those things that I will never get tired of – giving me a sense of freedom that I cannot compare to anything else to date"

"Over the years I’ve grown to understand that the greatest things I love come down to – adventure, challenges, experiencing different cultures and riding on two wheels!" said Daryl.

"So, the next big thing was dreaming about riding off the beaten track where the world is still somewhat raw without an overdose of all the technology and consumerism that surrounds us. Eventually I finally chose to let go of what I believe to be 'my secure life' and decided to take a leap out of my comfort zone and go on an adventure – hopefully turning my dreams into memories," he said.

The Maltese couple left Malta for Italy, and began making their way towards Malaysia

"During the past 15 months we rode a total of 52,000 kms," said Deborah. "We left Malta in September 2017 and travelled through the following countries: Malta to Italy, then Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia," she said.

"Then we flew to Singapore once we had sent the bike back home."

Needless to say, they saw some pretty impressive sights

Amidst all the incredible scenery, two countries especially struck the Maltese riders

"Our favourite adventures were riding and trekking in Nepal and spending a month touring the north of India," they said.

"In India, we wild camped for three weeks, riding through breathtaking landscape, eating with the locals and stargazing every night."

Even though they've just returned to Malta, the couple are already planning their next trip

Deborah and Daryl are planning to remain in Malta until summer - just enough time for Deborah to get her motorcycle license.

"Whilst in Malaysia, we found a crack in the frame of the motorcycle," Daryl said. "After weighing out all the options, we decided to send the bike back home. Debbie wanted to start riding anyway, so now was the right time to make the switch. Therefore, we decided to stay in Malta until the end of summer. Debbie will get her motorcycle license, we will work to save up money, fly to Australia, get two bikes and continue where we left off."

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Their parents were in tears when their adventurous children returned

However, until their next trip begins, they've got some very special photos to remember their amazing journey forever

Would you like to travel around the world on a motorbike with a loved one?

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