Maltese Orphans From Around The World Bid Beloved Sliema Nun Farewell As She Passes Away

Sister Crocifissa Tedesco was renowned for her loving work at the Ursuline Creche

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Maltese people have expressed their sadness at the passing of a mother-figure nun who was renowned for her love and caring work at the Ursuline Creche in Sliema.

Sr. Crocifissa Tedesco is being remembered by people all over the world, from the USA to Scotland, who she helped raised as orphans in Malta.

"This nun was a mother figure to many like me, all her life was dedicated to raising orphans," said Lawrence Grech, one of the children that grew up under her care." She deserves to be known, not forgotten."

"RIP from all of us in Scotland, you were a great mother to me as a little boy in Malta," said another man.

"I ended up meeting her after 40 years, and it's an incredible thing; she recognised me and remembered my name"

Lawrence - who was institutionalised at a very young age and was raised by the Sister - couldn't believe she recognised him after not seeing her for 40 years. He said her positive and loving demeanour made all the difference in his childhood.

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Pictured above: Sister Crocifissa Tedesco with a young Lawrence Grech, and their reunion 40 years later

"I had a photo with her from my time at the Creche, and out of curiosity I started looking for her and I found she was still at the Creche. I ended up meeting her after 40 years, and it's an incredible thing, she recognised me with my name. For some reason she recognised me, and she told me I was special and that's why she remembered me," he said.

"It's stunning - these sisters do incredible work and shouldn't be forgotten," he said.

RIP Sr. Crocifissa Tedesco

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