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From a desperately-needed creative outlet, to featuring in top magazines all over the globe, photographer Stephanie Galea has carved out a serious reputation as an artist to be reckoned with.

Her latest achievement is an editorial in NYLON, the US-based fashion magazine. The shots feature dazzling colours and highlight Galea's eye for framing the perfect composition.

This project, styled by Keanoush Da Rosa Zargham, was done in collaboration with architect Richard England, who most of you probably recognised from the iconic architectural style used as the shoot's backdrop.

"Shooting for Nylon has been a career highlight as I worked with some amazing people. It was very challenging as we were only shooting hands and feet in large spaces, but I think the whole team made it work!"

"Seeing your work in print is really special - It just motivates me to do more!"

But NYLON aren't the first to realise the potential of Galea's work. Over the years she's worked with Elle UK, Dansk, and Roberto Cavalli, all done in between backstage shoots with Elie Saab, Prada and Versace during huge fashion week shows.

"I live by the mantra ‘never get comfortable’, because as soon as you do, you become lazy and stop pushing yourself"

Despite her international success, Stephanie Galea speaks fondly of her connection with Malta, and the influence it's had on her work.

"The landscape here is what really inspires me. Most of my work is very colourful and warm, and I guess that can be associated with the Maltese islands and the people.  Moving away from Malta also made me see it in a completely different light."

But as much as she'd love to bring more of her work to Malta, local stores seem to go out of their way to make fashion editorials an impossibility. 

"It’s funny that Moschino would send a pair of shoes to Malta all the way from New York to be part of the shoot but in Malta stores shut their doors and ears as soon as you say the words ‘borrow’ or ‘loan’ even if it’s going to be in a big publication. So my stylist Keanoush Da Rosa  lunges massive suitcases to Malta every time."

"It’s funny that Moschino would send a pair of shoes to Malta all the way from New York, but in Malta stores shut their doors and ears"

Stephanie Galea's journey to a career in photography got off to a whirlwind start, with her piecing together a solid portfolio to apply to Central Saint Martin's College together in just six months. But she rolled with the punches and powered through. 

A poster child for those who firmly believe in following your dreams, Galea first entered university to read for a degree in Chemistry and Materials. But what's next for her?

"My plans for the future are to keep working, push harder, focus, travel more and to be open to more experiences and people. I have a few personal projects I’m currently working on and I’ve just started selling prints. I also started ’She Takes Photos’ where we do more corporate work such as interiors, food, still-life and events and ‘She Shoots Weddings’ where I’m building a team of photographers to capture wedding days in a different way."

If you love her work, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram, to keep updated with her latest projects.

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