Malta's 'Shower Time Bro' Immortalised In Thailand

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One of Malta's biggest viral moments of 2016 was the infamous Imliha Bro video. Even though thousands of people would prefer to say they didn't watch it, our Whatsapp groups had a different idea. 

Shouting "Shower Time" at your friends eventually became a national pastime, and even marketing campaigns latched onto the concept. 

A year later, the star of the video has turned his viral fame into a new business. Uprooting his life in Malta and moving to Thailand, Owen D'Amato will be opening a new restobar there, and he's calling it Shower Time. 

Officially open as of this week, Shower Time in Pattaya has already started making waves with the locals, as well as the Maltese community that regularly visits Thailand. This place is shaping up to be one of the next go-to haunts for all bros.

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Well, kudos to Owen for capitalizing on what most would see as a devastating situation, and turning it into something (with the potential to be) great.

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