Maltese Startup Named In CNBC's 'Ten Hottest' List

One person's food trash is another's food treasure.

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A Maltese start-up called Freshy has been named one in ten of CNBC's hottest start-ups in the world. 

The company is a cloud + mobile platform, intended to help solve the problem of food waste, which according to their data makes up over 50% of total waste. Their platform aims at saving ready-made food – which makes up 23% of food waste – and is thrown away continually because of made-fresh-daily schemes. 

Their idea is to allow business to see the food they would otherwise discard, and to get customers to eat great ready-made food with a healthy conscience. 

Other shortlisted start-ups on the list include other awesome new initiatives. Example: MeetHere from USA – an app which helps people decide on a meeting location (obviously this is much more useful in countries where people are more than ten minutes away from each other). And Karz from Israel – an adaptive app which warns drivers of nearby reckless road behaviour. Have a look at the full list here.

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Visit the Freshy website if you'd like to sign up for notifications!

Meanwhile, we can't wait to use the new Freshy platform. Find out more about the team behind this amazing idea on their Facebook page

From one startup to another – well done guys!

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