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Maltese Woman Breaks Tradition And Proposes To Boyfriend While Holidaying In Gozo

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Every once in a while there comes a story that makes the hearts of an entire population grow three sizes bigger. Today, that story has arrived in the shape of Maltese expat Mel Vella, who went against traditions with great gusto and proposed to her boyfriend, Dave, right at home here on our sister island: Gozo. 

Mel’s boyfriend had joined her for a family wedding – and being a South African he was no stranger to the loud and large affairs the Maltese love to make of any celebration. While Mel had planned a whole proposal getaway back in the UK, things fell through when her cousin’s nuptial date clashed with their lovers retreat. 

Mel had been thinking of making the big move for a while.

In fact, the very pendant she used was purchased while on holiday in Morocco and is a pendant given by the females of the Tuareg tribes in the area to their male partners to promote safe travels a safe return to his companion. 

Taking to the fun like a duck to water, Mel slowly started to realise how perfect the time could have been had it been anywhere – as long as they were together and enjoying themselves. With Dave enjoying the festivities so well, it was clear to Mel that “things were perfect.”

After the weekend wedding, the couple took some time alone and Mel took the opportunity to immerse Dave in to the full Gozo experience.

Dave lapped it up like a thirsty dog, with the two hiring a scooter to shoot from beach to beach. When they had made a stop for lunch, Mel managed to get an excuse to buy champagne from a shop and when they arrived at the Mixtar caves she lay a towel down for the two. 

“Dave, can you sit down? I need to ask you a question.”

His first reaction, understandably being a man, was if he was in trouble for something or not. Because no man ever pays that much attention, even when they’re about to be proposed to. Mel was hyped up on the memory of being told that the right time will come when she feels it so, which just so coincidentally happened to be while she was travelling Morocco (we stan destiny!). 

Mel made the usually male-lead speech of guffaws and hiccups, fuelled by butterflies, and eventually popped the big question. 

Dave was taken aback, but positively. Obviously, he said yes, and thanks to Mel we now no longer have an excuse to wait for the men to come and get us. She really is an inspiration to us all who feel some things aren’t worth the risk. Mel took one of the biggest risks some of us can take in our life and she came out on top with a bomb AF status for Facebook. 

Mel wins the internet for today, folks. Pack in the memes and join in the chorus of d’aws or your girlfriend will never propose to you – she makes the rules now.

Tag your girlfriend in the comments below to make sure she knows what you expect of her. 

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