Massive Photo Exhibition Shows The Raw Strength Of Maltese Women

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes


The Network of Young Women Leaders has launched a project with the hopes of inspiring the next generation of women. Despite advances in women's rights, women still find themselves being undervalued at work and in their personal life. "Artemisia: 100 Remarkable Women" set out to show girls and women from all walks of life that you can do anything you set out to achieve, and present role models that every young girl can look up to. 

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"Artemisia: 100 Remarkable Women"  features black and white head-shots of 100 women. Participants were asked to come for the photoshoot 'in their most natural state'. Many of the women interpreted this as no make-up, while others had their photo taken with the least amount of make-up they felt most comfortable in. The photography was done by Steven Levi Vella.

Some notable names from the list are President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, Ira Losco, Marlene Farrugia, Michelle Muscat and Helena Dalli. "It shows a strength in unity and a diversity which should make us proud," says Naomi Bugre, one of the 100 women and recipient of the Emerging Young Leader Award.

As part of the exhibition all the women contributed in writing some of the struggles they had faced in their professional or personal experiences. The statements were kept anonymous and were voiced over during the exhibition.


The exhibition opened last Tuesday 8th August with President Coleiro-Preca as a speaker at the opening ceremony. It will be open to the public until Sunday 13th August from 10:00 to 16:00 at The Antoine De Paul Hall, San Anton Palace, Attard

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