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Meet The 11-Year-Old Maltese Boy Who Regularly Feeds Over 20 Stray Cats In St Paul’s Bay

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Isaac Muscat, a kind-hearted 11-year-old Maltese boy, regularly feeds and cares for over 20 stray cats in the St Paul’s Bay area. But as you’d expect, such an act doesn’t come at zero expenses, and it’s tough for the young boy to be able to feed all his furry friends.

The Love You Love All organisation have teamed up with Isaac to ask the public to help his heartwarming cause by donating money or cat food so he can carry on feeding them on the daily.

You can donate via their crowdfunding page, via Paypal or Revolut (9996 0337). They will also gladly come to you to pick up food if you don’t have any time.

Each donator will get recognition on their Facebook Page, Instagram and website.

Can you help this boy continue his work?

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