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Nepalese Student At Receiving End Of Backlash And Abuse After Inquiring About Working In Malta

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A Nepalese student found himself at the receiving end of anger after inquiring in a popular Facebook group about the possibility of working in Malta.

“Hello guys, I am from Nepal and I am thinking of staying in Malta for further studies,” the student posted. “Would you guys please tell me is it easier to get job in Malta?”

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However, several people warned him that he was unwelcome in Malta, sometimes in harsh language, arguing that the island is full up and cannot take in more foreign workers.

“You want to study or you want to work, or you want them both?” one woman commented. “You mother F…..”


“You’re not welcome here unless you come on holiday and leave again,” a man said.

“Stay where you are,” another man commented. “We don’t need you. You staffed us all up with our work. There isn’t enough work already and we don’t need more of you people.”

Yet other people added a pretty different point of view when standing up for the young Nepalese man

“No one owns anything in this world,” one man said. “We are born here and we go where we want. These people who come to Malta help the economy because they do jobs no one else wants to do.”

“Welcome to Malta. Some ignorant and racist people in Malta are very loud. You’ll learn that quickly,” another man said. “These are the same people who will advise you, employ you without paying taxes, and ask you for cash in hand when you rent a room from them. Malta’s future and our pensions depend on people like you, because Maltese people are not having enough kids. So I thank you for choosing Malta.”


Someone else noted that there are more Maltese living outside of Malta than in Malta.

“Don’t listen to the racists…they should learn a little about that before responding with such disgusting comments,” he said. “I hope you find some work, friend.”

With the Maltese economy booming and a dearth of supply in the local workforce, more and more businesses have started employing foreign workers.

Recent figures by JobsPlus show that there are around 55,000 foreign workers registered as working in Malta and that the economy will probably require another 13,000 this year.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has urged Malta to keep its doors open to foreigners, arguing they are necessary for further economic growth and that their taxes are crucial for the improvement of pensions and other social services. However, Opposition leader Adrian Delia has accused the government of importing slave workers to Malta and has repeatedly warned that the influx of people is causing a huge strain on the national infrastructure.

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