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‘Hug My Mum Close For Me’: Outpouring Of Grief After Maltese Youth Jessica Bonello Loses Battle Against Cancer

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Malta has come together to express sadness and grief following the death of Maltese youth Jessica Bonello, born in 1995, who tragically lost her life earlier today.

Among the messages of sympathy and condolences from everyone from her friends and family, people who knew her, and local influencers like Tamara Webb, one woman, who spent the last moments of Jessica’s life with her posted an absolutely heartbreaking message just hours after Jessica’s death.

“I stayed with you until the end, just as you wished. How beautiful you were, Jess, until your final breathe, how much you taught me about the meaning of fighting until the very end,” said Antonella Rogers.

“A few days ago you told me you were going to visit my mother soon, that person who loved you so much that we became like family, we laughed, we cried, and we shared our pain together, but most of all I will always cherish how much we laughed in difficult moments. We were able to pick each other up in the worst moments, you in your room and me in mine, sending each other funny selfies to each other,” she continued.

“This is satisfaction, and today we learnt that life must go on, even when we were drowning, even when the sickness was breaking us from the inside, we persevered and with your sense of humour we raised our morale, and that which you take in life, the memories and pictures that will be a memento of the person with a heart of gold, and a true friend,” she continued.

“I love you Jess, I am going to miss you so much but I know that you’re heading to my mother and that gives me peace of mind that you will be able to spend time together. Who knows how she will be waiting for you at Heaven’s gate, waiting to pull you close and tell you ‘welcome home Jess’,” she said.

“Until we meet again, hug my mom close for me.”

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RIP Jessica

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